Dr. Corey’s Lab

Several friends of Connor's Heroes had the distinct honor of getting a behind-the-scenes tour of Dr. Corey's lab! Austin said:

It was amazing to see the work being done by these scientists day in and day out with little zebra fish (they aren't using mice but rather fish- SO cool) to test disease and medications that will affect and hopefully cure generations for years to come. We are inspired by the dedication and efforts of Lisa and her team at Connor's Heroes. Her son was cured from cancer years ago and she has dedicated her life's work to helping other families going thru the same. We love going to their fun art ball and auction in the spring and it's really cool to see what they do with the money donated. This is a great local organization and I would highly recommend checking them out.

Thank you to Dr. Corey and Dr. Usua Oyarbide for taking the time to show us your lab.