Creating A Home Away from Home For Caleb

Caleb is a 19-year-old who underwent a bone marrow transplant this summer. We first met Caleb in 2015 after his diagnosis of AML (Pediatric Acute Myeloid Leukemia). He finished his treatment and the family was looking forward to the next stage of their journey. Unfortunately, he recently relapsed. Because Caleb was already registered with Connor's Heroes, we offered assistance as soon as we learned he was scheduled for a bone marrow transplant. Our volunteers, Monica and her daughters, glammed up his room with handpainted quotes on the walls, a friendly door sign, and Dallas Cowboys memorabilia. Erin visits him in the hospital every week. She gives the family gift cards for Kroger and Shell. (She will slip an iTunes card just for Caleb.) Mostly, she gives them parking passes. (Parking is one of the “hidden” expenses of childhood cancer that adds up quickly.) This is a great example of how deeply Connor's Heroes understands what families are going through. 

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