Focus on Your Children – Matthew’s Mom, Heather

Matthew is an 8-year-old boy who will dive into a good book like the Goosebumps series and speed around the neighborhood on his bike. In June, doctors diagnosed him with a brain tumor. Heather, Matthew’s mom, tells how her other two children, Zoey and Nathan, deal with their brother’s illness as the family focuses on Matthew. When asked to describe cancer with one word, she chose “Fight.”

What is the hardest part of the cancer journey as a parent?
Seeing the fear in my son and his siblings when we discussed what cancer can do! There is the constant fear of knowing I could lose my son. His siblings miss him and me so much while we are away from home! It is hard for them to understand he is fighting a disease since he doesn't look sick.

How has cancer changed your family?
Cancer has given us a new outlook. At any moment cancer can change your whole life and take someone you love. We have learned to live every day to the fullest, always pray and have faith! We are praying it won’t take anything from his future, but once he was diagnosed with cancer we still fear that it will come back! We will fight with everything we have to give him the best future he can have!

Are there any particular ways Connor's Heroes helped support you and your family with any of the above struggles?
Connor’s Heroes have been amazing from the start! They gave my son his backpack after his brain surgery. He was grateful for the items inside! I was impressed by the love and thought put into the bag! Erin not only reached out to me to chat and be a source of comfort and support but personally delivered a Visa gift card to help with the financial burden!! We have not been able to attend any events, but we are looking forward to going soon and meeting other families fighting the same battle!