Focus on Your Emotions – Graeme’s mom, Kelly

Graeme is the oldest son; a big brother to Macklin and baby Connolly. Kelly and Ross have their hands full with three boys under the age of five. Kelly shares how she juggles the adversity of Graeme’s cancer with the joy of raising three adorable sons. Like so many parents of a child with cancer, the one word she used to describe the disease is “Fear.”

What do you hate most about cancer?
The fear of losing him. The fear of relapse. There are so many long-term side effects: Treatment likely will take years off of his life. He may not be able to have children. He may have learning disabilities, heart complications, liver dysfunction or get a secondary cancer due to the chemo.

How has cancer changed your family?
We were healthy pre-cancer, but now we are much closer to a non-toxic lifestyle. We steer clear of germs, sugar, processed food, plastic and anything that may be cancer-causing. I miss our precancer days for the calm I used to feel.

How has cancer impacted your family financially?
We would have lost everything (house, cars, etc.) if we didn't have the support of Connor’s Heroes, friends and families. The gift cards help us get up and down the road. We travel thousands of miles for clinic and hospital.

What does a day in clinic and/or a day inpatient look like?
A constant revolving door of people. Graeme is often shy on these days. It's exhausting. We pretend that we aren't terrified. We laugh and joke and try to make it fun, but internally, we're freaking out.