Happy Birthday!

Every time I look at this card, I smile. Not just because the photo of the two kids is so darn cute. It's because the family asked all the guests to donate items or gift cards for our Heroes Bags and Backpacks. I want to thank the Bliley family for turning their children's birthday party into a GIVING party for our hero kids. You can too. It’s easy. Erin posted on our website a wishlist of items we always need to fill our Heroes Bags and Backpacks. You can print the list or copy it into your smartphone. Most items you can find as your waiting at the checkout line. Then mail them to Connor’s Heroes at P.O. Box 2536, Midlothian VA 23113.

Happy birthday to our heroes, Zi'Yonna, Adriyanna and Aiden, who celebrate birthdays this month.