Meet the Programs Committee!

Say hello to the volunteers of Connor's Heroes Programs Committee. We are grateful that they are taking time out of their busy lives to develop activities and improve the services for the families who are battling childhood cancer. Here's who's in our photo from left to right:

*Lisa, mom of Connor & co-founder of Connor's Heroes
*Fran, our program director
*Kelly, mom of Savanna, the sweet girl who received a bone marrow transplant donated by her older brother
*Kim, mom of Campbell who's been featured in billboards for the Children's Hospital
*Briddy, mom of and one of many supporting Peirsen & his Soldier P Battalion!
*Kelly, an OBGYN who is also mom to Callen who's in treatment for leukemia
*Chrissy, mom of Grace who just completed her treatment
*Tammy, mom of Emily, an aspiring artist who beat her brain tumor
*Celia, Board Member & head Hero!
Not pictured is Katie and Faith's mom, Carolyn, and Marisa, our fearless leader and board member who is helping Lauren through her brain tumor recurrence.

If you would like to learn more on how you can volunteer for Connor's Heroes behind the scenes, you can email