Dayanne has had a hard road, but her treatment has helped stabilize the tumor growth. Mom Jacqueline said nothing has taken away Dayanne’s beautiful smile, not even cancer. Dayanne’s hero is her big sister Angela. Angela wants to be a pediatrician, so she can help Dayanne and other children. 

“Connors Heroes supported us in this journey with gift cards for gas, groceries, and Dayanne’s favorite Sweet Frog!”

Dayanne and Angela looked forward to the wonderful events Connor’s Heroes hosted every year, like family gatherings, Heroes Art Sessions, Christmas parties, and free dinners at restaurants. To Jacqueline, these events reminded her she wasn’t going through Dayanne’s treatment alone. 

“Connor’s Heroes has been a blessing to me and my family. A blessing I never expected to receive when Dayanne was diagnosed with cancer.”

Dayanne, 4 years old, diagnosed with a brain tumor on June 6, 2018

Thank you to Greg Wright for donating his time to shoot, edit, and produce the 2022 Hero Videos.

A child and her mother in an art studio working on a craft with a artist
Dayanne11 Feb2022