Thomas is a Lego fanatic. He grabs a pile of Legos, pops them together, and, like magic, builds something amazing. His mom and dad, Suzanne and Sean, said he is an inspiration to them and his two sisters, Abby and Laurel. 

Suzanne said the iPad Thomas received in his Heroes Bag and Backpack helped during the early days of treatment.

“Thomas was into his first, heavy round of chemo . Having that iPad was the first time he smiled in days. It was huge to see a smile on his face!”

Today, Thomas is in maintenance which is much easier than his first year of active treatment. 

Covid limited our program team to seeing Thomas in clinic or the hospital, but it didn’t stop Erin from connecting with the family.

Mom remembered how “during a time when a lot of people shied away, Connor’s Heroes stepped in. Erin continues to help with anything we might need. Erin’s words of support and encouragement during the darkest days were incredibly meaningful.”

Thomas, age 11, T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Thank you to Greg Wright for donating his time to shoot, edit, and produce the 2022 Hero Videos.

A mom stands with her two children in front of a holiday tree