Harrison “Harri” is crushing cancer like a real superhero. At the tender age of six months, baby Harri had massive tumors in his chest and body. Harri’s first words, first steps, first everything would happen while fighting cancer. 

Connor’s Heroes offered invaluable support for mom, dad and big sister Merida. The family enjoyed snacks at clinic and gift cards for gas or groceries. The gift cards came in handy after spending a day driving to and from appointments. 

For the next six months, it was chemo… rest… chemo… rest… Over and over again. And then, a breakthrough: doctors discovered that Harri’s tumors significantly shrunk. They could stop treatment. Harri is in remission! Before he turns two! 

Harri proved that superheroes aren’t always big or mighty. Sometimes a superhero is a baby boy who radiates strength in a smile and simply keeps going.

“Connor’s Heroes was there in clinic with coffee, breakfast, a hug, and a smile. The hope and joy that hug gave was priceless to us.” — HARRI’S FAMILY

Harrison “Harri” • Age 21 months
Diagnosed with Neuroblastoma on February 16, 2023

A toddler holds up a toy
A dad is holding his son at Connor's Heroes Art Session

Harri sitting on a blue couch