There is a classic song, “To know him, is to love him.” To Augie’s family, these words perfectly describe how they feel about him.

At the tender age of five months, Augie was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in both eyes. Augie has been through multiple rounds of chemotherapy. The family spends hours traveling to and from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Augie’s team of specialized pediatric oncologists came up with a chemotherapy treatment that provides the best chance to save Augie’s life and keep his eyes.

In the middle of the stress and uncertainty is sweet little Augie. His feet never seem to touch the ground because someone (his mom, dad, or his three doting sisters) is always carrying him. Augie’s eyes are full of wonder, joy, and love. Because to know Augie is to love Augie.

“We knew an incredible amount of thought and love was with every item stuffed in Augie’s Hero Backpack from Connor’s Heroes.” — AUGIE’S FAMILY

Augie • 2 years old
Diagnosed with Bilateral Retinoblastoma on May 5, 2022

A boy wearing a blue Be A Hero shirt
Augie Whp 29
Three sisters with one holding their brother who is a toddler

Augie sitting on a blue couch