At only 3-years-old, Ada has endured more than most people do in a lifetime. She had surgeries to biopsy her brain tumor and put in her port, chemotherapy infusions for a year, and now manages oral chemo at home three times a day. 

Adorable Ada rattles off words like “port,” “chemo,” and “brain tumor,” as naturally as she sings her favorite Lainey Wilson song. 

A bright spot for Ada are the Connor’s Heroes Heroes Art Sessions. They are a distraction from the harsh reality of cancer. Mom talks with parents as Ada cheerfully paints a picture. Life feels “normal” again. 

When you see Ada running around, you would never guess she is battling a tumor that may never disappear. She’ll be on this journey for the foreseeable future. But here she is: fearless and full of life. Her radiant personality captivates you. Her resilience inspires you. 

“Knowing that Connor’s Heroes cares about our family — during the good times and hard times — gives us a sense of safety.” — ADA’S FAMILY

Ada • 3 years old
Diagnosed with Bilateral Optic Pathway Glioma on November 4, 2022

Mom watches her daughter paint
A girl with paint on her nose is in an art studio

Ada sitting on a blue couch