Only John (and his trusty sidekick, his little brother Benjamin) could turn a routine visit to clinic into a magical, spell-casting adventure. Jillian, Program Director, helped the kids make wands and crowns while they waited for their appointments.

John and Ben took it to a whole ’nother level! Pretending to freeze and unfreeze staff, parents, anyone in clinic with their powerful wands. Leave it to John to turn the ordinary into an extraordinary, imaginative adventure. Full of magic!

John’s magical spirit is working while he battles cancer. At the end of his first phase of treatment, doctors reported that John is responding well to treatment. He has more treatments coming, so the family gave a big sigh of relief at how well he is progressing. John can look forward to playing in the park with Ben and big brother James, riding his bike, and imagining a life where cancer is just an illusion.

“That day, with Connor’s Heroes, was the most fun the boys had at clinic. It was so touching to see how energetically the folks from Connor’s Heroes got into the game with the boys.” — JOHN’S FAMILY 

John • 4 years old
Diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on August 2, 2023

John H04
John and his two brothers paint at Heroes Art Session

John smiling wearing a scooby doo t shirt