Jericho may seem shy, but behind his quiet nature is a boy with a bold determination. He works hard in school as he powers through chemotherapy and the impact of his brain surgery.

Yes, life with cancer has been difficult for 10-year-old Jericho.

The family drives 20 miles each way for Jericho’s frequent chemotherapy treatments at clinic. The family appreciated it when Connor’s Heroes came to clinic with crafts, a box full of delicious Jimmy John subs, great coffee, and everyone’s favorite… Donuts (Jericho snagged a glazed donut and younger brother Ronen loved chocolate with rainbow sprinkles).

Jericho’s family feels a sense of community in clinic. Because when they are in clinic, caring healthcare teams, hero families, and Connor’s Heroes are there for them. At that moment, they know they are not alone.

“When a Connor’s Heroes team member called, she listened while we just talked. It was nice to talk freely without judgment or pity.” — JERICHO’S FAMILY

Jericho • 10 years old
Diagnosed with a Brain Tumor on February 9, 2023

A mom hugs her two sons at Connor's Heroes Art Session
Jericho and his brother

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