Santa Hits The Spot

Santa’s got a brand new bag – at a new home called The Santa Spot. Our childhood cancer heroes (who are currently in active treatment) were treated to a wonderful Holiday Open House with Santa himself at The Santa Spot. Families decorated cookies, made ornaments, wrote letters to Santa and hung out with other childhood cancer families.

Holiday Hero Fund Makes The Holidays Magical For Childhood Cancer Heroes

Over the holidays, parents and caregivers are juggling the emotional stress of their child’s diagnosis with the financial stress of giving their family the holiday they deserve after a difficult year. Thankfully, our community of heroes made the holidays magical for childhood hero families.

The 2022 Holiday Hero Fund provided each family in active treatment a $250 VISA gift card, tickets to Lewis Ginter GardenFest of Lights, and personalized presents to those who attended our Open House.

Thank You To Our Holiday Heroes

We need to give a big thank you to a few folks who truly made magic happen this holiday season. Cathy Heizer and her family, Marla and Jack Fergerson, The Strum Group, MassMutual, The Richmond Christmas Mother and Jodie Strum.

Cathy hosted a golf tournament (in her late husband’s memory) benefitting the Holiday Hero Fund. Marla and Jack strongly believe in Connor’s Heroes vision that no family should face their child’s cancer alone. Five years ago, the Fergersons started the Holiday Hero Fund and Holiday Open House. It has been a family holiday tradition ever since. MassMutual’s team gave generously to support the Holiday Hero Fund in addition to a grant from The Richmond Christmas Mother. Jamie Strum purchased gifts for each hero and their sibling. Jodie Strum hosted us at the Santa Spot and took care of every little detail.

Three adults are standing next to Santa
Jack, Marla, and Cathy (Connor's Heroes Board of Directors)

Santa Spot is a new holiday experience in Richmond. A family books a private session with Santa that includes a digital portrait and kid activities. Learn more at:

If you loved these photos, there are a lot more. View our Flicker account to see more great photos of the Holiday Open House.

Holiday Magic Happened Thanks To:

1607 Capital Partners • Accent Professional Recruiting LLCMs • Susan Andrews • Ms. Beth Bartone • Mr. Michael Beyers • Mr. Neil Biller • Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bishop • Mr. and Mrs. Tim Bishop • Mr. Adam Blackwell • Mr. Frank Bolton, III, D.D.S. • Dr. Trish Bonwell • Mr. and Mrs. Don Bray • Ms. Rachel Brown • Mr. and Mrs. Britt Calloway • Mr. and Mrs. Parry Carter • Mr. and Mrs. Trip Chalkley • Ms. Sandra Chatham • Mr. and Mrs. Donald Coleman • Commercial Plastering and Drywall, Inc. • Mr. and Mrs. Cayce Craddock • Mr. and Mrs. David Craymer • Mr. Davis Durrett • Ms. Laura Earley • Mrs. Susan Ekholm • F. Richard Wilton Contractor • Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fergerson • Mr. Dustin Ferrara • Mr. Jake Fieseler • Ms. Trish Gibbs • Mr. Bradley Gramm • Ms. Andrea Harris • Mr. Keith Harvey • Ms. Janice Heizer • Ms. Cathy Heizer • Mr. James Heizer Jr. • Mr. Michael Wayne Heizer, Jr. • Help Charities Inc. • Mr. Larry Hickman • Mr. Neal Hollins • Hudson Group Realty, Inc • Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kalkowsky • Mr. Tim Kelley • Mrs. Linda Loverro • Mr. Ross Luck • Mr. Ryan Martin • Mr. and Mrs. Matt Mason • Ms. Molly Meem • Ms. Sandra Mihaloff • Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Murphey • Ms. Patricia Murray • Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nicholas • Old Dominion Drywall, Inc. • Ms. Elizabeth Pate • Patrick Buick GMC • Dr. and Mrs. Randall Peyton • Mr. Chad Porter • Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Printz • Mr. and Mrs. John Pritchard • Ms. Sandra Provost • Mr. and Mrs. Chris Rizzo • Mr. Robert Rymiszewski • Mrs. Amy Seward • Mr. and Mrs. Tim Shelton • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Shinnamon • Ms. Shari Skipper • Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Smith • Mr. Andy Snead • Ms. Jodi Strine • Susan Mclauchlan Jewelers • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tolley • Mr. and Mrs. William Van Zandt • Mr. Tom Vlahakis • Ms. Gail Warren Weymouth • Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Waters • Mr. Doug Wilberger • Mr. Todd Zyglocke