Welcome to 2023! We got the new year rolling with a wonderful Heroes Art Session. There was a lot of energy in the studio (fueled by dozens of Sugar Shack donuts). We had photographers (Kristin Seward & Patience Salgado), videographers (Greg Wright), artists (Monica, Kyle, Frankie, Sarah, Dale, Nancy, Kathleen, Oxana), volunteers (Becca, Anna, Hanan, Sophie), and, most importantly CHILDHOOD CANCER HERO FAMILIES!

Over the next four months, artist mentors and childhood cancer heroes will work side-by-side. They will create amazing pieces of art for you! [The art created at the Heroes Art Session is put up for auction at our signature event, The Heroes Art Ball. https://one.bidpal.net/heroesartball23/welcome The 12th Annual Heroes Art Ball is Friday, May 5, 2023 at the elegant John Marshall Ballrooms.

You are getting a sneak peek at the unique collaborations created by our childhood cancer heroes. Wait until you see the finished art at the Heroes Art Ball in May.

Our Heroes Art Sessions provide a supportive environment in which childhood cancer heroes and their siblings can make art and build community with other hero families. At the sessions, you feel a collective sense of healing by creating and being together. We are grateful to Visual Arts Center for giving us the space for an open studio. And to our donors who allow the Heroes Art Sessions to happen at no cost to our families.

Childhood Cancer Heroes: Kennedy, Valentin, Charlotte, TayNeise, Sydney, Ava, Micah, Julia, Sadie, Kylie, and their siblings

Hero Artist Leaders & Volunteers: Monica, Kyle, Frankie, Sarah, Dale, Nancy, Kathleen, Oxana, Becca, Anna, Hanan, Sophie, Greg