2023 Holiday Hero Open House

Holiday On Hermitage

Connor’s Heroes was excited to host our Holiday Open House in our office on the corner of Hermitage and Broad Street — not far from the hospital. We opened our doors and invited every family whose child is in active treatment for cancer over the holidays.

“Are you ready to see Santa?”

The most magical part of the day was our very own Santa. Santa spent the day with us doing what he does best: listening to a child’s holiday wishes and posing for pictures. Some kids jumped right onto Santa’s lap. Sweet Harcum needed a gentle coaxing before he nestled up to Saint Nick.

The children and parents built sugary gingerbread houses out of milk cartons, graham crackers, gum drops, and candies (a classic craft for the holidays). Each child made a holiday ornament of a snow globe with their picture in the middle! It will be a keepsake ornament for years to come.

The Local Cup Coffee Co rolled into our parking lot. Families (and Santa) treated themselves to delicious coffee, hot cocoa, and pastries.

Celia gave every parent a much-needed $250 Visa gift card for holiday expenses. A family walked out of the Holiday Open House with their arms full of presents and their hearts filled with joy.

2023 Pictures With Santa

Harcum Meets Santa

Four-year-old Harcum (nicknamed “Turtle”) wasn’t sure about meeting Santa. He knew what he wanted for Christmas (spoiler: a nerf gun), but did he have the courage to ask Santa? With some coaxing by his grandma, Santa’s elf, and Twizzlers, Harcum slowly inched closer and closer until he stood right next to Santa himself. Harcum even let Grandma take a picture. What a beautiful holiday memory!

a grandmother talks to her grandson
Harcum stood outside Santa's door deciding what to do. Grandma encourages him to step inside and meet Santa.
a boy stares at Santa
Step by step, Harcum slowy made his way to Santa.
a little boy stands next to Santa
Harcum finally got close enough to Santa to give him his favorite candy, a Twizzler!
a boy and his grandmother stand next to santa
Success!!! Harcum met Santa and even posed for a photo.

Thank You To Our Holiday Heroes

Over the holidays, parents and caregivers are juggling the emotional stress of their child’s diagnosis with the financial stress of giving their family the holiday they deserve after a difficult year. The Holiday Hero Fund provided each family in active treatment a $250 VISA gift card, tickets to Lewis Ginter GardenFest of Lights, and presents from their holiday wish lists.

The Holiday Heroes Fund was fully funded thanks to our community of heroes, especially. Cathy Heizer and her family, Marla and Jack Fergerson and The Richmond Christmas Mother Fund. Below is the long list of caring people who donated to the 2023 Holiday Hero Fund:

Accent Professional Recruiting LLC • Peyton Adams • Robbie Andrews • Barbara Antoskow • AT&T Services • Ben Baxter • Jennifer Bennett • Beyond The Entertainer • Neil Biller • Tim Bishop • Adam Blackwell • Thomas and Bethany Block • Mike Brammer • Don Bray • Trip Chalkley • Donald Coleman • Commercial Plastering and Drywall • Stuart Craft • Trevor Denton • Davis Durrett • Laura Earley • Jack and Marla Fergerson • Jake Fiesler • Matt and Tammy Griffin • Linda Harris • Keith Harvey • Cathy Heizer • Jim Heizer • Justin Heizer • Help Charities Inc. • Chad Hollins • Neal Hollins • Vicki Huber • Hudson Group Realty • Tim Kelley • Carl King • Cherie Lane • Linda Loverro • Ross Luck • Dan and Celia Martin • Lynn McCoy • Tim and Ashley Menninger • Doug Michel • Elizabeth Minter • Kathy Morton • Kenneth Murray • Old Dominion Drywall • Jennifer Owen • William Payne • Anthony Pelling • Randall Peyton • Jason Pritchard • John Pritchard • Sandra • Tim Shelton • Jeff Smith • Jeff Stallings • Brian Steveson • Susan Mclauchlan Jewelers • Breakthru Beverage • Michael and Jennifer Tolley • Gail Warren Weymouth • Dave Werner • Doug Wilberger

Thank you to the talented photographers who captured these special holiday moments: Hysell Photography, LaLovely Photography, Angela and Sheldon.

Heizerfergerson 33
Cathy (left) and Marla (right), their granddaughters, and Santa!