Today’s Helping Hero is Anna! A childhood cancer hero is giving back to kids in treatment.

In 2013, shortly after her 7th birthday, doctors diagnosed Anna with a brain tumor. She got through a long difficult treatment. Connor’s Heroes was honored to help her family. Anna’s favorite activity were the Connor’s Heroes Heroes Art Sessions. And they still are! Anna is one of regular volunteers at the Heroes Art Sessions. She works side by side with children currently in treatment.

It was Anna’s passion for art and compassion for fellow childhood cancer heroes that she thought of Connor’s Heroes for her high school senior year project. For her project, Anna created grab-n-go art kits. Inside the pouch are art supplies for bedside crafts for a specific age group — from toddler to teen. Meredith and Jillian are giving the art kits to a child who craves creativity to beat the boredom of cancer.

If you are a high school senior in need of a senior project, contact Connor’s Heroes with your idea. You might be our next Helping Hero! Read our Volunteering FAQ to see how you can start: