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Connor’s Heroes welcomes Dayna Cobb as our new Program and Volunteer Manager. In this role, Dayna will assist Program Director, Jillian Carpenter, with the care and support of childhood cancer hero families. Dayna will coordinate clinic visits, family events, and more. Dayna will connect the community and corporate partners with volunteer opportunities.

Dayna is passionate about serving families going through a medical crisis. Most of her early career was spent in retail fashion, but she later found her true calling in pediatric support services. Dayna has years of experience in compassionate family care and is dedicated to forwarding the mission of Connor’s Heroes.

Jillian and Dayna make up the Connor’s Heroes Program Team whose purpose is to provide emotional and financial support to every family registered. They will work closely with the healthcare teams at the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU.

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Learn More About Dayna:

What are three words that best describe you?
Compassionate, fun, and adventurous 

What is something you love to do that most people would never imagine?
Something I absolutely love to do, and people actually can imagine it because I talk about it ALL the time, is I am an avid thrift store shopper! I love the “thrill of the hunt” and can spend hours just wandering around a thrift store. And then I will happily brag about my finds!

What was the one best thing that someone ever taught you?
“Look for the helpers.” This lesson came from a Daniel Tiger episode, when Daniel was especially scared. His mom told him to look for the helpers. The helpers come when they are needed, and can help make a scary situation less scary. So always look for the helpers – and if you don’t need one, then become one for someone else who does!

Who is your favorite singer?
I like all types of music across the musical spectrum. From The Cure to Crowder, from Jimmy Buffett to Johnny Cash. From 80’s pop to 90’s alternative, but Prince will forever be my G.O.A.T.!