Savanna and her family have been part of our community of heroes for a long time. Now her friends and family who participated in the Game Drive are part of this amazing community. Thank you Savanna for your enormous heart and passion to give back to other childhood cancer heroes!
— Celia, Executive Director

Our Helping Hero — Savanna — is at it again!

Savanna was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 8 in 2014. She underwent months of chemo, radiation and ultimately a bone marrow transplant. Today Savanna is post-treatment. She always thinks of the kids who are still in the fight. Savanna has given back to her childhood cancer heroes through her fundraiser: SAVANNA’S GIVE BACK, GAME DRIVE. Savanna has stocked the Room Of Possibilities on the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, filled Connor’s Heroes Backpacks, and filled our Connor’s Heroes Fun Packs.

She picks the things a child battling cancer would love during long stays in the hospital or for a fun night with family at home. Over the past five years, Savanna collected and donated more than 1,700 games, toys, and items for her Annual SAVANNA’S GIVE BACK, GAME DRIVE. 

There were so many boxes, your donations turned our conference room into a warehouse full of fun.

Follow Savanna’s Annual Game Drive on Facebook. She will open the packages she received and post the videos on Facebook. (It’s called unboxing and it is really fun to watch!!)
Learn more about Savanna in this recent profile written by the older sister of another childhood cancer hero, Lauren.